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In the ninth grade, my parents bribed me with $20 to attend a youth group event. Since then, I have continued to challenge myself with new experiences, expanding my comfort zone. (Although now, I no longer get crisp bills for doing so.)

Growing up, I wanted to be the saxophone player for James Brown. That didn't pan out. Instead, I started going to Jewish sleepaway camp. It was there that I learned to love both Jews and Judaism, singing and playing my way into a newly constructed identity.

Durring rabbinical school, I found a new obsession: Apple products. I had always been a gamer (Vic 20 anyone?) and a tech-head, but the possession of my first iPod enabled my geekery to reach far new heights. Technological reach continues to inspire me to teach (and learn) in different ways. As the Talmud teaches, we should constantly look at things with new eyes.

I intend this blog to be an amalgam of wisdom, punditry and theology, and of course, the occasional Star Wars allusion.