Elul Day 27: Expanding the Meaning of T'suvah

Often, t’shuvah is thought of as repentance - making apologies. We think about people we’ve wronged in the past year, and many of us contact friends and family members during the High Holidays in order to express regret and sorrow for how we’ve acted. This is incredibly important.

The word t’shuvah means turning. Yes, we turn toward each other to make amends, but there is another way we can think about this important concept.

We should turn to correct our mistakes, but we should think of Elul as a time when we turn to our future selves.

Sometimes, the past parts of ourselves are undiscovered, waiting for an experience or a relationship to help us discover new parts of ourselves. This month of Elul can be a catalyst for these future discoveries.

As our present selves continue to turn toward the future, let us remember this larger meaning of t’shuvah.

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