Day 23 of 29: Wash off the Dust of Everyday Life

During Elul, I often find it difficult to clear my mind and earnestly introspect. The noise of life and suffocation of routine often make it hard to find some “me time.” I like to use music to break free from the daily hustle and bustle and prepare personally for the High Holy Days.

Since the High Holy Day experience features many wind instruments, I made this playlist - Jazz for Elul - of instrumental Jazz that also features wind instruments. I encourage you to find 30 minutes to sit and listen to music in solitude, whether instrumental Jazz or something you prefer more, to clear your mind, reflect on areas you fell short on this year and focus on a few character traits you want to improve during the coming year.

Percussionist Art Blakey says, Jazz washes away the dust off of everyday life. I hope Elul provides you the opportunity to wash the dust off your personal introspection through music and you enter the High Holy Days invigorated and inspired to better yourself.

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