Day 25 of 29: This I Confess to Myself

This I confess to myself:

I have taken my transgressions with me, carrying them year-by-year into my hours and days, my lapses of conscience and indiscretion with words, my petty judgments and my vanity, clinging to grief and fear, anger and shame, clinging to excuses and to old habits. I’ve felt the light of heaven, signs and wonders in my own life, and still will not surrender to holiness and light.

God of redemption, with Your loving and guiding hand, repentance in prayer is easy. Repentance inside, leaving my faults and offenses behind, is a struggle. In Your wisdom You have given me this choice: To live today as I lived yesterday, or to set my life free to love You, to love Your people, and to love myself.

God of Forgiveness, help me to leave my transgressions behind, to hear Your voice, to accept Your guidance, and to see the miracles in each new day. Blessed are You, God of Justice and Mercy, You set Your people on the road to t’shuva.

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