Day 9 of 29 - Weaving Something Beautiful

When I was a child at camp, I learned how to make yarn. We washed the raw wool. We combed and straightened the wool fibers. We then learned how to handle the spindle, bringing the fibers together. The end results were not always pretty, but sure enough, it was yarn.

There is a lot to be learned from the experience of creating yarn. So much of our life is like raw wool. It is dirty and tangled and matted. It picks up shmutz along the way. We need to take the time to wash ourselves. And yet, while we might be clean, we are still a tangled mess. We need to take the time to straighten ourselves; get everything we do to go in the same direction. Finally, it is not just the bringing together of the elements of our life (the wool fibers) to create something (yarn), but then combining that yarn with other yarn to create something beautiful, or practical, or elegant. Our lives are stronger, richer and more textured when they are combined with other lives. Ecclesiastes (4:12) teaches “a three-ply cord is not easily broken.”

This year, how have you come together with others to create something beautiful?

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