Elul Reflections Day 23

What does it mean to be written into the Book of Life?

Throughout the High Holidays, we ask God to inscribe us into the Book of Life. I have this image of God on an iPad, typing millions of names into a file: “Book. Of. Life.”

We pray for inscription because we want to live another year, to experience again the sweetness of apples and honey as we celebrate another year of life.

There’s a great quote that says: Trust in God, but tie your camel.

Is it possible that it is incumbent upon us to inscribe ourselves into the Book of Life?

We are all too aware of tragedies that befall us; rain falls on wicked and righteous alike. But nonetheless, there is a spiritual Book of Life ... and you are the author of that book; not God.

The question during this period of Elul is not whether or not you will be inscribed into the Book of Life. The question is rather, what will you do in the next month to merit inscription into the Book of Life? God is waiting for you to answer.

Quote: The universe doesn’t care if you’re scared. #elul5772

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