Elul Reflections Day 28

The first thing that God says to Avram (Abraham) is: Lech L’cha; - Go forth.

This injunction is one of the central essences of Judaism.

By heeding this command, Abraham merits becoming the first of our avot, our ancestors. He demonstrates a willing to go into an unknown future, leaving the comforts of the past behind.

Each of us must heed this command for ourselves. But we have an advantage over Abraham; we have a community of fellow journeyers to walk with.

Biblical Hebrew is interesting. The imperative Lech L’cha can certainly mean: Hey you, GO! This is how we typically interpret the verse; God tells Abraham to start a very long journey … a journey that will lead to a promised land of milk and honey at a place that is far, far away. But, there is another possible meaning of the command. The two words can also imply: Go Towards Yourself!!

At the close of this Elul, let us all heed the command that started the peoplehood of Israel: Lech L’cha. Our journeys will continue taking us toward the best parts of ourselves.

Quote: We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them (Albert Einstein). #elul5772

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