Elul Reflections Day 17

Today is merely a bridge to tomorrow. (Franz Rosenzweig)

In the Book of Psalms, we learn: “Taste and see that the ways of the Lord are good.” (Psalm 34:9). There are many rabbis and sages throughout the centuries that challenge this verse by calling the probability of everything we experience to be good highly unlikely. But perhaps, the psalmist had another message in mind: the capacity to find something of value along life’s journey; committing ourselves to a reality that events and encounters in the coming year will make us stronger, wiser, more caring and compassionate human beings.

Think of a challenging, almost seemingly negative situation you were challenged with this past year. What critical value(s) can you find in the experience(s)?

Quote: Today is merely a bridge to tomorrow. (Franz Rosenzweig) Finding value in every experience can be challenging. GO! #elul5772

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