Elul Reflections Day 22

The highest form of wisdom is loving-kindness. (Berachot 17a)

A critical Jewish value is chesed, loving-kindness. The rabbis have noted that to raise a child is an act of love. But to bring a foster child into your home is loving-kindness. To visit a member of your family in the hospital is an act of kindness. But to visit someone who isn’t even remotely related to you is an act of loving-kindness. Through chesed, we extend ourselves beyond the realms of normative obligation by doing what is not required of us. We obligate ourselves to that which is greater than us.

Take a moment to think about an act of chesed you did this past year, and one that you could do in 5773.

Quote: The highest form of wisdom is chesed: loving-kindness. (Berachot 17a) What acts of chesed have you done this past year? #elul5772

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