Reflection on 9/11, 12 Years Later

The world changed 12 years ago, on 9/11/01.

On that day, thousands of American lives were lost to hatred and intolerance. Our sense of tranquility and security was shattered, as fear and suspicion took their place.

On this day, our world is no more stable than it was in 2001. We watch nervously as Syria continues to make and store chemical weapons. We mourn as death tolls rise in Afghanistan. Despite two wars, countless government policy changes and billions of dollars, our security is fragile.

But please remember these words that we say during the High Holidays:

Repentance, Prayer and Charity can temper judgement's severe decree.

Let us remember that hundreds of heroes walked into the Twin Towers to save lives. Let us remember the way in which our country came together to rally behind those whose lives were devastated. Let us remember that hope and perseverance can not be squelched by hatred and intolerance.

On this anniversary of 9/11 that takes place between our two most sacred holidays, let us remember the awfulness of that day, but let us also remember the hope, the friendship, and the strength. May these be with us as we continue onto a g'mar tov, a sealing into the Book of Life.

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