We are stronger together than we are apart.

Judaism displays this with a concept of a *minyan.* Whenever there is a prayer service, there are certain prayers that can not be said allowed unless there are 10 Jewish adults present. This shows the power of community, friendship and solidarity, but it also teaches the power and of difference diversity.

I am super excited to start a Podcast with a wonderful friend and colleague, Reverent Craig Topple.

Both of us are interested in exploring the intersections of religion and modern life. The title, God in the Grit, reflects our belief that religion and spirituality can be found in every aspect of life. And whereas the devil is the details, so too is God. Also, The Grit is one of our favorite restaurants in Athens, GA, and a place where we have frequently discussed spirituality, religion, politics, and good music.

We've recorded our first couple of episodes, and we can't wait to publish them! 

When Emily walked down the aisle at our wedding one week ago, our guests saw me collapse into a ball of emotion, tears rolling down my cheeks. I’m guessing that most assumed it was because of the power of the moment, seeing my bride for the first time in her wedding dress. As a matter of fact, friends of mine had an ‘over/under’ bet as to how long it would take until I lost it. Most put me at about 3 minutes. ‘Under’ was the way to go.

I had just moved to Athens to serve as the rabbi of Congregation Children of Israel. A congregant and friend invited me to his retirement party. As I entered, I wondered if there would be any cute graduate students at the party. I noticed a cute blonde woman enter, and I asked my congregant's wife if she knew her. She responded, She's Jewish and single. You're meeting her.